"...a quietly pulsating heart of rustic charm, idyllic beauty and exuberant culture that defines the Maldives."

A single perfect teardrop in an infinite ocean of life, Maamigili is a stunning natural tapestry of sun-kissed lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and picture-perfect panoramas spread over 100 hectares of pristine coral reef within the Raa Atoll. And amidst this untainted paradise lies Loama Resort, a quietly pulsating heart of rustic charm, idyllic beauty and exuberant culture that defines the Maldives.

The Heartbeat of
The Maldives

A nation’s culture is best reflected in its people’s way of life, and this is what the Resort seeks to capture in all its natural glory. Watch the artisans of today bring age-old craft to life, experience ancient rituals and customs first-hand, and immerse yourself in the old world of Maldivians going about their daily routine, untouched by the passage of time.


A Legacy Through Time

Every space within the Resort, from the spacious lobby to the uniquely decorated rooms, is punctuated by exotic artistry including distinctive coral walls, kuuna mats hung as ornaments, and intricate lacquer objets d’art, the echoes of a proud Maldivian legacy springing to life.


Age Old Artistry,
Modern Craftsmanship

From thundu kunaa viyun, or traditional mat weaving, and roanhu veshun, which involves spinning coconut husk into rope, to liyelaa jehun, the crafting of the famed Maldivian lacquer work, there is something mesmerising about watching contemporary artisans bring age-old crafts to life.


The Wellspring Of Culture

The Resort proudly preserves the Maldivian way of life in small but significant ways. For instance, as you are exploring the Resort, it is not unusual to see ladies in Maldivian garb sweeping up pathways with coconut leaves, or drawing water from deep natural wells to fill up beautifully crafted water pots.


A Grassroots Experience

If you are lucky, you may even hear the commanding call of a Sangu, summoning the island’s inhabitants to gather for work, pleasure, or both. Catch a boatbuilder at work as he puts the finishing touches on a dhoni, or experience unbridled exuberance at play, personified in the joyous enthusiasm of participants in bai bala, a traditional team sport combining elements of wrestling and tag.



Uniquely Maldives

Loama Resort is honoured to be the first ever resort outside of Malé to be awarded with an official licence to operate a museum. This speaks of our commitment to preserving the cherished heritage of the Maldivian people, and expanding its influence beyond the archipelago. In fact, immerse yourself in the Resort’s multi-faceted experiences and you’ll discover this is more than a luxurious enclave on a fabulous island in the Maldives; this IS the Maldives, all in one place.


How to get there

Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili is situated on Maamigili Island within Raa Atoll. The Resort can be reached via a scenic 45-minute seaplane ride from the capital Malé. 


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The local currency is the MVR – Maldivian Rufiyaa. However most places will accept USD – US Dollars.


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